ED Support Services provides Education and Behavior Services to people with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vision Our vision is to support communities in providing a caring and stimulating environment where people with special needs will recognize and achieve their fullest potential so they can make their best contribution to society.

Mission Our goal is to utilize educational and behavior best practices to support and educate our clients, staff and community in order to create and sustain access to a better quality of life in the least restrictive environment.

  • Our services focus on increasing clients’ independence, social relationships, access to their community and overall quality of life.
  • Our services support and educate families, care givers, educators, other service providers, employers and the community at large in their efforts to create successful and meaningful inclusive experiences for our clients.
  • Our services uses current best practices in the fields of education, behavioral science and technology to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Our business operations are designed to promote educational, professional and personal growth for our staff, their families and their community.

Meredith Akers and Tanya Scott began working together in 2001 as educators for a progressive Asperger Inclusion Program (AsIP) in the Oakland Unified School District. With the program in its first year, they had many opportunities to collaborate on educational strategies, training models and program development that focused on quality education for diverse learners and emphasized the importance of creating inclusive environments that were successful for all students.
They worked together to adapt and modify curriculum, facilitate social skills groups, supervise support staff, train teachers and coordinate IEP teams. It was during these experiences that Meredith and Tanya discovered their common beliefs in the possibilities of high quality behavioral and educational programs for all learners.
After their time together in Oakland, Meredith and Tanya both pursued various other jobs with in special education. Meredith completed a special education teaching credential and completed a Masters Degree in Moderate to Severe Disabilities. Tanya completed a Masters Degree in Mild to Moderate Disabilities and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). They continued to gain experiences as an administrator, behaviorists, educational consultants, clinical director for in home ABA therapy, teacher trainer and lecturer for San Francisco State University. During all of these experiences, Meredith and Tanya found themselves engaging in discussions about how they could bring all of their expertise together to help create amazing quality programs for children with differing abilities.
After hard work and long discussions, Ed Support Services was born as a collaboration that would allow these two special education professionals to pursue their dreams of creating quality educational and behavioral programs one child, family, classroom, teacher, school and district at a time.


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